Recently ‘we’ visited the holy city of Amritsar. Here ‘we’ include I & my cousin brother. Amritsar is the spiritual and cultural centre of Sikhism in the world.

Our journey started with the Indian railway. As someone rightly said, the true beauty of India lies in its countryside and what better way to explore it than through a train journey. Indian railways is a common thread that binds these diverse people who may be different in many ways but get along very nicely. Indian Railways, tenu jawab nahi!! 👌

If you are travelling on any trip, firstly fix the staying option. For this trip we had already planned everything, this was a very helpful decision for us. We reached the bachelor’s paradise. It was incredibly peaceful and quiet, hospitality was superb. We had a great & memorable time there. we had done a house party & many more things.

On New Year’s (2019) eve, we made a visit to Sri Harminder Sahib, also known as the Golden Temple. the experience was deeply spiritual. The temple is a visual treat, as it is actually made of gold and precious stones (the ceiling is a masterpiece). The long wait in the queue to get inside the Golden Temple is totally worth it. Have patience as the queue slowly but steadily inches forward. Because The insides have to be seen to be believed. Photography isn’t permitted inside. You have to store in your memory the beauty that accosts you. Most importantly the KADA PRASAD at the temple is out of this world, the taste lingers on for years.
Panoramic view 👇

Being in the northwestern end of the country, Amritsar is located just beside Pakistan, so experiencing “BEATING THE RETREAT” ceremony is a major thing to watch when you are in Amritsar. On next evening we also made a visit to Wagah border, where every evening Indian Border Security Force(BSF) from India and Pakistan Rangers from Pakistan hold a joint flag down ceremony. It was a wonderful patriotic experience and the BSF does a commendable job in organizing such a daily event.
( basically, Attari is the last village of India & Wagha is the first village of Pakistan so it was named as wagha attari border )
Some pics are here 👇

Before going to Wagha border we promptly hit the food trail, having ‘Amritsari kulche’ followed by huge glasses of lassi!! I was my first & one of the best kulchas i ever had (shop name – Kulcha land ).
Since one of the best parts of travel is often getting the chance to try new food. No matter where you go in India you’re likely to find some pretty amazing food, but each state and even city or town have their own delicacies. In the case of Amritsar, one of the delicious things they’re famous for is their kulchas (butter-soaked bread baked in a tandoor and often stuffed with potatoes) try one out at Kulcha Land.

The Jallianwala Bagh tragedy, which occurred during the time of India’s freedom struggle with the British has gone down in history as one of the most brutal massacres where the British troupes closed the gates of the garden and gunned down peaceful civilians who were there celebrating the Punjab National Day. The monument to memorialize the event is a sight to see and the bullet marks left from this tragedy can still be seen.

After exploring Amritsar for 3-4 days, we decided to do a short bike ride on Sunday morning from Amritsar city to Haveli. Riding a bike has benefits like no other tours.“Bike tours are always an incredible way to get your head around a city” we had done it by two bikes, the ride was unforgettable & the destination was more beautiful. we reached Haveli by half an hour drive.
Basically, Haveli reflects the taste and fell of the authentic Punjab. One can expect true Punjabi flavours and a fun outing at Haveli. finally, the bike trip came to a happy ending.

Thank You note:

A very special thanks to CAPTAIN SALIL SRIVASTAVA ( elder cousin brother ) for giving such a precious oppurtunity to explore Punjab. Thank you bhaiya for making so many ordinary moments, extraordinary. ye trip hamesha yaad rahegi ( wo esspider man wala song, ” theek hai “, bonfire, VIP entry at wagha border & many more things ) & most importantly “what happens in Amritsar will always stay in Amritsar”😂.

The successfulness of the tour credit goes to SWASTIK ( younger cousin) thank you bhai for everything & especially being as a travel partner. The Indian railways ‘SAFAR’ and meals were all good, these moments are the best part of our journey.
To all those who are hungry and maiden of such a refreshfent go and get it. 🤘

🤘 “To Travel is to Live”🤘



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we reached Maheshwar, ………
Before talking about the trip let’s brush up a little history and some interesting facts connected with it.

Maheshwar is a town in Khargone district of Madhya Pradesh, in central India. This tiny town on the banks of the Narmada is known not for its temples but for its benevolent queen, Ahilya Bai Holkar, considered by many as a goddess. Maheshwar has been always famous for the beautiful Incredible heritage as well as the most popular and prominent Maheshwari sarees “the Baagh print sarees”.
Maheshwar has always been a shooting hub for Bollywood movies, recently the “MANIKARNIKA” movie was shot across the Maheshwar fort.

After reaching in the main square at Maheshwar, we realised that staying options in this town was very limited, but we asked from local peoples & they told that rooms are very easily available, then we had searched a guest house & owner has shown a very basic, yet clean room for Rs 300 a night. we took it. At the same time, the owner of the guest house had told a good news that “Manikarnika” movie shooting was going on ……
after hearing this news, we were at seventh heaven, fastly I said to my friends that we have only 15 minutes, get ready. We had taken a quick shower & we all were ready to watch the shooting.
we stepped towards the fort side & visited the temple, museum & now its time for FORT, at the entrance of the fort, (volunteer instructed) do not allow peoples to move towards the fort, after waiting some time they alloweded us to go, we ran & searched a place from where we can see the shooting. After setting there we discussed with a local boy & he told us that shooting is over & after some time KANGANA RANAUT will return back from here only, we waited for a while, then she passed by there, the Very cinematic scene was there. The day was full of surprises for us, at the end of the day we discussed that we are lucky enough to watch the shooting & a Bollywood star.

Next morning, we were very eager to visit Narmada first before heading anywhere else and that’s what we did. we went to the fort. A double-storeyed gateway was there & steps leading down to a cluster of buildings on the banks of the Narmada. Inside the fort, there were 2 temples named as Ahilyeshwar Shivalaya. Then we headed towards the ghat & our main aim to visit that ghat in the very early morning is to capture the place in heart as well as mobile too.

we all showcased our photography skills with ongoing sunrise & clicked some beautiful pictures. The serene beauty is worth capturing and we take a lot of pictures in Maheshwar not just of the fort and palace but of the small yet beautiful town too.

( worth waiting for the sunrise)

Maheshwar is well known for Maheshwari saris ( M.P ka banaras – MINI VARANASI )

(Rewah society , Maheshwar).

( “I don’t trust words. I trust pictures.”)☝☝

On a final note, if Madhya Pradesh is in your mind, then do consider Maheshwar as one of your destinations. This little town is a mini Varanasi of sorts and packs a lot of history, folklore, and art; and the best part, wait for it, it’s way less touristy!

This place(☝) is amazing as they serve the most delicious food. Service is great and every item is being very tasty. I never had such a tasty Marwari Thali. Wish to visit again this place.

There was a saying – “Behind every successful trip, there is a hand of a travel enthusiast”.

The man behind for our successful trips 👇👇

Thank you Sachesht & especially Shashank for sharing your precious time with us. ☺

Our two days in Maheshwar has been extremely rewarding and at the end of it, As the day rolls on we were off to MANDU. On top of that, this particular trip was planned on a shoe-string budget, which means that all the travelling was done on buses – another experience. 🤘

To all those who are hungry and maiden of such a refreshfent go and get it.

“Travel to learn, Learn to travel “

Hindustaan ka ❤ Dekho – OMKARESHWAR : An island of OM

A Couple of days ago we explored a place which comes under 12 jyotirlinga, shrines of Shiva. The place was known as OMKARESHWAR. Omkareshwar (pictureseque place) is located on the old volcanic rocks almost halfway down the Narmada’s course. Here the river passes through a narrow and deep gorge and in the process creates an island in the shape of the holy symbol ‘OM’. So technically it’s the island that’s called Omkareshwar.

Our journey started from Bhopal, we caught the train & reached Indore within 4 & half hours & had a stay for a night at Indore. As it was a pre-decided plan so, the next day, we got ready by 5:00 am and headed to the bus stand near the station. There are plenty of buses from Indore to Omkareshwar, we took a private bus & start off towards Omkareshwar.

The bus was a thrilling experience. Why we choose BUS ??……The simple reason is, buses are so cheap you won’t even make a dent paying, & you get to know localities very well. The road was zig-zag. Outside, the scenery was quite beautiful. The tall trees seemed to travel with us. The deep valleys below looked charming inside, the atmosphere became lively all of a sudden. The drive was very scenic.

“Mai to akela hi chala tha janib e manzil magar, log aate gaye karwan badhta Gaya”

Same happened with us, on this journey we met with so many various folks
& they worked like a helping hand for us, truly saying they made our trip.
We left the bus before reaching 20 km from Omkareshwar, Kachori( very inviting ) and chai was our saviour at that time….. after a pause of around half an hour, we moved towards Omkareshwar temple complex.

Narmada river flowing so serene adds the mystic to the place, series of temples dotting the banks of the river and the colourful canopies give the festivities kind of hue to the place.

We decided to take a deep plunge in the waters of Narmada to rejuvenate.
we had taken an hour bath in Narmada river & dips in the soothing waters of Narmada did a magic and infused strength to our drained out soul, then we started our walk from this bridge and crossed the river.

As there was not much crowd so we were able to have darshan of the Shivling;

In the course of pujaris blessings, he daubed our foreheads with a yellow paste ( Chandan ).

At the same time we visited to the Gurudwara, there is something so pure in the ambience of the place that makes us feel so calm & sedate.

The Ghats, River, temples, colourful lanes and Sadhus make Omkareshwar an exotic destination and will make you extend your stay again and again.

we returned back to the main market of Omkareshwar, we had lunch there
& then we again boarded on the bus for our next destination(MAHESHWAR).

which I shall cover in my next blog. Stay tuned.

A very sincere thanks to some of the people whom we met in the journey , ‘they are nothing less than a blessing from GOD’ !!

Thank you SARDAR ji 👳 for guiding us , thanks shivam bhai for providing shelter, & a big thanks to my travel partners for making this trip awesome 😍.

Hindustaan ka ❤ dekho (M.P) ➡ zila – RAISEN

Raisen takes its name from the massive fort at the top of a hill. The town is located at the foot. Raisen district is near by bhopal, 44 km way from main city bhopal. This small town is mainly famous for FORT & relating to the fort many stories are available in youtube .

On 12th august 2k18 , the day was sunday , we decided to make this sunday as a productive day .So we planned to visit raisen fort .

With the group of 7 friends we started travelling to raisen , we catched the bus from (prabhat petrol pump ,Bhopal ). As usuall Bus was full of passengers ,some lucky ones had got seats & some stand strong 😋. The travel time was of 1 hour , we reached in the raisen town (means in the foot ) as i mentioned above , now the time to show some stamina to reach at the top of the fort , the way was long enough we had taken some rest after completing some distance towards the fort ( view from half distance travelled) 👇

Everyone wants shortcut way for the destination“, so we also searched a trail towards the fort , & we follwed that path & reached within 5 min.
When we finally entered the fort, there was wilderness all around. There was thick under growth of vegetation and wild long grass. A large court yard surrounded by many buildings with domes could be seen. All of my frnds seems busy for capturing every moment , a verdant view of the town was visible . Some of my friends showcased their photography skills & some tested their new phone ‘camera’. Meanwhile i had shown some creativity & this pic becomes a forever moment for me , as i called one of the best photo captured of my life 👇

Being a foodie I had an eye on snacks there. We came across one & only ‘tapri ‘ avaliable there & had some samosa & tea ,😂 (I never leave a food place without having tea, how good or bad that looks like).
As it was getting dark, we had no option but to leave the place and climb down. On our way back we all are discussing about the place , finally came to one opinion is that everyone should visit this place once .

This trip is remembered by one funny incident happend , the moment was when we r coming back from fort there was one lord SHIVA temple , i & santosh went to that temple while returning their other frnds asked अंदर कुछ है ? Santosh replied – मंदिर में अंदर कुछ नही है सिर्फ भगवान हैं 😂😂 bhai mandir me to bhagwaan hi hote hai 😂😂😂😂 …

So before coming to this place keep good time in hand not less than 2-3 hours , enjoy the beauty of this place , Best place for sunday outing apart from hustle & bustle .

Sugesstion – please keep water bottles & some foodstuffs.

Beautifull hill station “KASAULI”

A couple of months ago i explored a hill station KASAULI , in (H.P) , it made me miss the breathetaking views & this missing moment makes me to write this blog .

There was a saying , “unplanned trips are always better ” same happened with us , we packed our bags & headed towards the himanchal , it was a long drive road trip .We took the regular route , Delhi-Murthal-Chandigadh-Kasauli.( Yes I specially mentioned Murthal because we had half hour of halt there and had some good PARATHAS , bcoz MURTHAL is well known for parathas ).

After crossing panchkula , it was like , moving to any wonderland , there was no traffic at all very peacefull view with full of green lands ,

We reached around 12 ‘o’ clock afternoon , & search begins for our booked villa , finally after a hour we find that villa in one corner of the town , the place was like a ‘secret place’ .

We r exited to enter the villa in a classic jungle house type place & the weather was awesome , with chilled wind flow , literally i cannot express in words .

Then we had taken some rest & had lunch , after 4 pm we had moved to our first destination of sightseeing , named as SUNSET POINT , at this point we had’nt seen any sun’set’ but serene views & deep green valleys are awesome , then we came to MALL ROAD & had done some shopping , here i had tasted momos & it was very tasty , this type momos i had never tried anywhere ( classic momos are there with 3 types of chutney) & we expored that town on day 1 evening , its all about day 1 .

Day 2 , we planned to visit Man-Ki Point(some people call it Monkey Point) .Its on a steep hill (The 5 min climb ignites your inside mountaineer). After reaching at the top only mountains & Cantonment area is visible , view was very beautifull.

We had explored some other points also like , a famous old church & ….

On day 2 afternoon ,We had decided to leave this beautifull place but mind needs to leave & heart want to stay , listening to the mind’s voice we left that place .We started the returning journey & reached gurgaon at 11 PM.

Before coming to this place i was thinking that ~this journey will worthy enough ?~

Well of course , it was must visit place.

Kasauli is definitely a paradise for nature lover. “Hill stations have music for those who listen , & KASAULI is one of them ”